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Hauptman is a graduated jazz singer and self-taught pianist. His music can be described as a blend of jazz, alternative RnB, soul and pop. Through relaxed grooves he is distancing himself from typical arrangement and harmonious approaches of contemporary pop artists. He is creating his unique sound by merging and combining different genres.

Resident “Dr Smooth” Žan Hauptman creates with love, surgical precision and a great musical range. One can get lost in his music and travels towards Pozitiva planet on a lazy music marshmallow. With single ‘There goes my heart’ Hauptman shares with us a story of love and loss that hides in its warmth and subtleness the undying truth: “No rewind and no repeat…”

Jazz ‘ma mlade


‘Finished, not perfect’ is the first album by Hauptman. The title reflects the realisation that perfection can never be achieved and that by blindly pursing it we might never actually finish anything. Perfection is the point at which growth and progress end and Hauptman is accepting his imperfection and nurtures his creativity to continue growing and learning through doing.  

The album was self-released and includes 5 already released and 6 brand new records. The songs are intertwined with short speeches that are created by the guitarist and text co-author Urška Supej.